Friday, May 22, 2009

Today's Food Pairing: Hot Dogs and Wine.

With due respect to those who served, we gather in cemetery, in parade, in church, in family, and then why not fire up the ol' grill for the great American hot dog, Hebrew Nationals. Mmmm, hot dogs. I shan't creep you out too much by how I prefer my Hebrew Nationals though jalapenos, mustard and salsa might be involved. And cheese and tortillas. Oh, and garlic and scallions. But what wine with those dogs?

A basic Google search of hot dogs and wine, though not conclusive, did indeed yield its results. This guy tried thirteen wines with his grilled dogs and presents five, ranging from a Zinfandel to a Shiraz to a Chardonnay, that worked well with the salty-sweet combo of dogs and various condiments.

Though one post chose this Rioja for similar reason, Riesling appeared as the most desired pairing because of the way its sweet fruitiness balances with the spicier components of most condiments. Some specifics.

If you happen to be in Napa Valley June 26 and 27, why not pony up to the event at Back Room Wines, their seventh annual hot dog and wine weekend where they pair up the dog and wine for you. That Kraut Dog with German mustard and fennel seeds sounds mighty tasty.