Sunday, April 4, 2010

store dot Korkage dot com

This is Steve. Oh, sorry, I forgot to take a picture of Steve when he was last in. Well, he's taller than I am, younger, has dark hair and is an all-around decent human being. Nice kid.

Though Steve keeps some of his wine here at The Cave, wine storage facilities require different licences for different intents, one of those intents being to set up your own business to sell wine on-line. The closest wine storage that accommodates that is Pacific Wine Distributors in Irwindale. It provides the full array of services one might need for moving and shaking your wine, and this is reflected in its prices. The Cave is the sort of place where your wine just sort of hangs out and ages, kind of like its resident troglodyte, and this is reflected in its prices.

Quite a few conversations in The Cave revolve around selling one's wine and the options for that. Steve's website is up and running and he is now our residential option. Because he cellars here you could get a better deal than with the usual suspects, so when you talk to him let him know you cellar here, too.