Saturday, May 15, 2010

Coming up Roses

I had the fortunate opportunity to try something I've never had before, a rose, as in ros-ay, since there is no accent aigu on my keyboard. Small aside: what do keyboards look like in other languages? Oh, well, I just answered my own question; turns out you can Google that, too. Is there nothing Google can't do!?

I read about Rose wines on blogs with mild interest because I have an ancient prejudice about the whole matter, and that is that Roses are not very serious in the scheme of wine. They're similar to wine what umbrella drinks are to liquor, what frappuccinos are to coffee, and what Thomas Kinkade is to art. But if you've been hanging out here at all becoming less ignorant is one of my favorite pastimes, and, I confess, wildly lucrative...what with so much to work with.

Today I became less ignorant via a very pleasant moment with good company and Chateau Margui. The website presents the wine "with grilled meats, as a very original aperitive, or perfect alongside an asian cuisine. The nose offers white fruit and lime scents, which merge into a rich wood berries and garrigue (thyme, cists) finish." For me it was original and layered like nothing I've had. There was a brief sweetness of the dessert wines, but that was quickly whisked away by a crisp, clean acidity (?) - or just crispy things - trying my vocabulary there to questionable end - ultimately very intriguing.