Thursday, May 6, 2010


Ooooh, shelves, how exciting.

I'm by no means a carpenter but I can put two pieces of wood together and sometimes they're not even crooked. We had a 200-case walk in that had a shelf already in it. It was around the perimeter of the room, was a bit high, and had a few pieces of wood jimmied under it to hold it up. So when I rented it out recently I told the guy if he gave me the keys I'd work on it and also not steal his wine. I did both, and though it took a month it's finally done. I put all new uprights in (leaving the tops a bit extended so we can later use them for earthquake proofing), added a second shelf around the perimeter, and also threw a double shelf in the center, accessible from either side. It's hard to photograph, but here are a few from the doorway.