Sunday, July 11, 2010

The unsolved Cave mystery.

One of my first official actions as The Cave's new resident troglodyte was to go through any empty lockers to make sure they were clean and rent-ready. Back in the depths of this maze of a Cave, I saw inside one of the lockers this newspaper on the back wall, remnants of the funny pages glued upside down. I fetched the flashlight and after a bit of hunting I found the date: November-something, 1929 (I'm pretty sure).

Opposite the date reads the headline, ' $10,000,000 Talkie Film Firm Created. ' Sadly, I can't seem to find more details on that one.

If you look on the original blueprints, that room was once either the service room or the janitor's room - they were right next to each other and that locker sort of straddles where they met. All I know is one day, for reasons I'll never know, someone glued those funny pages to the wall, upside down, and in that simple act left a small mystery behind. The new renter of that locker is aware of the legacy they are now tending, and that mystery will continue.