Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shipping season news.

Look, a box of wine, how exciting! Why? It's our first direct shipment to the Cave. It worked! UPS figured it out...after a phone call but nonetheless. Since Dean lives in Indiana he figured it might be easier to make me a key and send his wine here. So here's how it went.

1. The box arrived

2. I carried the box to Dean's locker, and then opened the locker. But if I didn't have the key I'd just store it for him until he came in.

3. I put the box in the locker.

4. I locked the locker.

5. I went back to my very important job.

It took about four minutes to do this. Other wine storage facilities charge extra for this? Here's the added fee from another storage facility:
" $10 per delivery charge – covers up to 4 boxes/delivery
$15 monthly charge covers 4 deliveries per month & 4 cases"

Here's what they charge if they throw away your garbage for you:

"Disposal Fees

Free if you remove debris from facility

$10 per bin up to 1/8th full
$20 monthly for 4 times, for bin up to 1/8th full"

I've done both of these things now, and it's not that hard. (That first sentence that states the disposal fee is 'free if you remove the debris from the facility'...)

****shipping note****

please indicate The Cave's business hours on your shipping label .