Friday, December 10, 2010

Keeping up with The Cave.

My job is better than your job
. Remember when I used to gripe about crappy wine? What was I thinking...look at how lucky I am, at all the good stuff that comes my way. The people here are so mind-blowingly generous, wine or no wine, I'm very fortunate.

Two entirely pleasant wines. Seriously, you drink this stuff and after every sip it's like, "gosh-darn, that's good," except for the 'gosh-darn' part, but it's a family blog.

Fun and games with the lockers. This is hard to explain but that won't stop me. The Cave was built into the existing structure of the Hotel, and in this case that existing structure included a lot of arches. There is a photo from when the Napa Room was the restaurant. In designing The Cave, Mr. Day and Gil had to build square pegs into the round holes resulting in more than a few quirky lockers. The advantage is you can get a quirky locker for the same price as a standard locker and get extra space in it. The disadvantage is you often have to be an anorexic contortionist to utilize that extra space. Problem solved!, and it only took me two years to figure it out. The project of the week has been cutting the wall of our quirkiest of lockers to install a second door. Now the renter can get close to a 36-case locker for the price of a 24. Pretty good. His previous quirky locker, a twenty-something case locker for the price of an 18, will soon be available.

(These two impossible to reach spaces are now accessible.)

Last Sunday the store front right above The Cave was empty. 24 hours later it was a fully functional set for ... only an ad. In Canada . Oh Henry! - the candy bar, not the exasperation. Forget that there's an already existing store right across the street, and forget that the industry jobs historically leave LA and go to Canada; Oh Henry (!) still exists? And they need an advertisement? Must be a Canadian thing. Then I saw the Nestle brand name on the bar and it made more sense: Nestle is headquartered here in Glendale. This week they brought a lot of jobs to Glendale. Go buy one of their Oh Henry! bars. !