Friday, January 7, 2011

...a small troglodyte aside:

Am I obsessed with KTLA's annual broadcast of the Rose Parade? YES! Is it January 7th and I'm still thinking about it? YES!
I was still in high school when Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks started hosting the Tournament of Roses, and I'm old. I guess they thought Stephanie was, too. In 2006 she was relegated to the sidelines so Bob could have a younger co-host...even though he's five years older than Ms. Edwards! It rained buckets that year and watching this older woman have to stand in it for the duration while Jerk Eubanks was warm and dry and loaded with passive aggressive digs was really a bad moment for all things classy.

It seems enough decency prevailed to reinstate Ms. Edwards to her post after another year's absence, but the bickering would and does prevail, indeed reign buckets. (Good one, I know.) It's kind of fun to watch.

But the main reason we're here today is a quote from last weeks parade, Something Mr. Eubanks said towards the end in a fit of annual floral nostalgia: "You can say what you want about this country of ours, but we are truly Americans."

I wrote it down.

And a week later I still have no idea what it means.