Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Academy Awards Day.

As expected, it's pretty much crickets around here. Vern had a TV set down here to watch Laker games and war movies. I'd turn it on twice a year for Superbowl and The Academy Awards, but after the digital conversion it all went south. I brought my converter box downstairs last year, but reception was so dicey and tentative I'm toughing it out this year and simply missing the proceedings, a virtual sin in this town.

Quiz of the day: What do Antonio Banderas, Gerard Depardieu and Madonna all have in common? They're all great actors? Here's a hint: add Francis Ford Coppola to the list. Yep, they all have vineyards or collaborate with other wineries. If you Google "celebrity vineyards" you get this comprehensive list via Wikipedia (of course). This is also a fun little link.

Wouldn't it be a better broadcast if they had to carry one of these things off the stage? In their gowns? Unassisted?