Thursday, March 31, 2011

18 + 18 =

This is what the Bordeaux Room looks like from above. I'm not really kidding too much. I wish I weren't kidding at all, that would be fun.

Isn't 'alphabetical order' the coolest invention ever? Imagine the mess everything would be otherwise. Everytime I open my dictionary I fall in love with alphabetical order all over again; whoever invented it was brilliant, I always think. Sequential numbers are also good. The Bordeaux Room is broken into lettered aisles with numbered lockers. A-19, B-26, like that. I like the Bordeaux Room because the lockers sound like a really big game of Battleship.

The numbers for each lettered aisle go down one side of the aisle, along that section of the back wall, and come back down the other side of that aisle. Because of this, the lockers along the back wall have three different letters. Riveting, I know, but there won't be a quiz, so don't sweat it.

This is a typical 18-case locker. Tall, narrow, deep, the 18-case lockers line the back wall. Recently, two of these became available. One guy moved up to the next size and the other guy moved out of town. We occasionally get the request for a 36-case locker which we typically answer by offering a 24 + a 12-case locker. But since the two empty lockers were next to each other, I thought, well, why not take the wall down between them and have a 36-case locker?

So that's what I did. Now we have a 36-case locker. I was, literally, sweeping up sawdust earlier when someone came in wanting to maybe expand their collection, so the 36 might already be gone.

The slight rub: typical troglodyte luck...after getting that wall down, I noticed the two lockers were from two different aisles. Alpha-numerically speaking, I've now got a locker with two incompatible letters and four incompatible numbers. What do I call it? How do I keep the order? How do I maintain organization?

(Troglodyte stress, we should all be so lucky.)