Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trade your custom drapery for wine. Also, my wife likes diamonds.

There is the occasional news story about some kid who will start with a broken ice skate, left foot only, and through a series of trades end up with a BMW. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but only slight.
All of this is done by way of the "barter" section on Craigslist. If you want some wine and have something to get rid of, all the wine you see on the left there is currently available for trade on Craigslist. There are currently five opportunities to trade wine, all rather odd/similar.

Here is one post:

"I have a huge collection of fine estate wines from all over the world. Although I love to enjoy, I will never get through them all. Have magnums, tank samples, cellarmaster picks, signed bottles and many varietals and vintages. Also have half wine vineyard barrels on tall stands. Great for decoration in your cellar, beverage holder for parties etc. "

Here is what is being sought in trade:

Barney's giftcard
Private tennis court access
Gems (my wife likes diamonds, sapphires and emeralds)
Vintage and designer handbags
Artwork (no craft projects, looking for paintings, photographs, sculptures)
Weekend Getaways
Books (rare and first editions and biographies)
Women's bike
Textiles (imported, unique pillows, fabrics, rugs)
Custom Drapery
Tires for a Jeep Cherokee (235 75 15)

If I have custom drapery, wouldn't it have been customized for my windows? Other posts have the Barney's gift card and "weekend getaway", but the list morphs to include, say, a gym membership a "high quality toaster oven."

Anyway, now you know what to do with those pesky diamonds and sapphires that keep cluttering up the house.