Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bordeaux News

Nick, over there at Bordeaux Undiscovered, wraps up En Primeur 2010 in this series of blog posts:

Top Twenty Star Wines of 2010
Top Wines from the Grand Cru's Other Labels for the 2010 Vintage.
Top Second Wines from the Grand Cru of the 2010 Vintage
Top Cru Bourgeois and Affordable Bordeaux of the 2010 Vintage

You can read all about his tastings over there, over 200 wines! After the second or third wine I'd be like, "I don't know, tastes like wine. It's good." Which is why I work in a cave. THE Cave.

Last night I tried making cheese, though. Here's my first cheese experiment. Milk, lemon, salt - you can't really mess that up. (I mixed in some pepper and thyme afterwards.)

California's looking nice this time of year, today. (as usual, click on image to enlarge)

Those last two things have nothing to do with Bordeaux 2010 , but it's a slow Cave day and I just killed another ten minutes...with Glendale 2010.