Saturday, August 6, 2011

Only $7,000,00 and it can be yours!

I learned on European Journal, this morning, that if you live in France and want to make wine, it only costs $7,000,000 to buy a vineyard.

What I learned today: One euro = 1.42 dollars, and one hectare = about two and a half acres. This will help when perusing Business Insiders A Complete Guide To The World's 15 Best Wine-Producing Regions. The link gives you the run down on the average price/hectare/wine region. No surprise that Bordeaux is the most expensive at $642,000/hectare. Napa is second at half that price. On the other end of the arc, though, you can do well in a number of places, like Argentina at only $27,000-per-hectare. Which is maybe why its wine is also more accessible, economically speaking.