Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hal Lutsky's Vintage Paper Fair

I stopped into Hal Lutsky's Vintage Paper Fair this morning before work. It is at the Glendale Civic Center today and tomorrow and it is free. Also, it is more than I could have hoped for, but I'm not sure if this means the crowd it attracted or the collections that were there.

Click on all images to enlarge.

This is Fred Tenney's business card. Fred was good enough to allow me to be cheap and take the pictures that are posted here. My goal today - and the 1.5 hours I allowed for this was entirely not enough time - was to see if I couldn't find what to The Cave would be the holy grail: photos of people dancing on our illustrious dance floor when the ball room that originally occupied that space was in, er, full swing.

Be sure to take a moment to read Fred's card, you won't be disappointed.

I didn't find the kinds of photos I was looking for, but Fred, who by far had the most thorough collection of Glendale postcards (in addition to much more), did have these on hand, a postcard of the Hotel I'd not previously seen. There are the radio towers, and the bank on the opposite corner. Next door was a market.

There were two of this postcard. One is flipped over to read (or you can click on it):
"7/27/'48. Leaving for home today - Nancy has to have her tonsils out as soon as we get home - has been in bed with Dr. ever since we came - taking penicillin every day. Some vacation. You can have the mountains and desert. I'll be glad to be back. Love, ..."

And then like a dope I cut off the name.

I'm not sure if Nancy had to really have her tonsils out, or if it was all just a ruse to be in bed every day with the doctor. Either way, I Google-Mapped 318 Walnut Street in Three Rivers Michigan to see where this postcard was sent, and to where our intrepid travelers were so eager for return. I must say, what an entirely pleasant and charming little area The Fisher Family and their friends lived, no wonder the want for home.