Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Wine Emergency

Today is the fifth day of Hanukkah. Tomorrow is Christmas and Monday begins Kwanzaa. If I can maneuver things to my favor, next year I could close for all of them, an almost three week vacation. As it stands, The Cave will be closed for only one day, Sunday. If you have a wine emergency, as always you can try the wine emergency hot-line @ 818-359-5182. Leave a message, though, because if I don't recognize the number chances are I won't pick up.

Your other wine-emergency option is the always open 7-11.

That Chateau Ste. Michelle Cab comes from Washington State's oldest winery. 178 revues on Cellar Tracker give it 88 points while getting 93 points from Wine and Spirits. Not horrible!
Look! You got your whites on ice, there are boxed Gallo things, Newman's Own...

...AND, it's 7-11, you can grab a cherry Slurpee and some Fritos while you're at it. And a lottery ticket. Marlboro Lights, the Lindsey Lohan issue of Playboy, a maple pancake sausage roller, 5-hour energy drink, a six-pack, a corn dog, and aspirin. All that (and more) under one roof. There's your Christmas, baby! Cheers!