Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2008 Reeves Ranch Syrah

First Cy Twombly, then Lucian Freud, and now Thomas Kinkade, self-appointed "painter of light," who in his mid fifties died suddenly a few weeks ago. 

The ratio of Mr. Kinkade : Art is not horribly dissimilar from the ratio of Charles Shaw, Barefoot, etc : Wine, so that when I read this - eulogy? homage? review? - by Jerry Salz,  it was the Explanation of Light as to why you should be drinking good wine. 
Which is what I was thinking about this past weekend when enjoying a glass of this stuff, 2008 Reeve's Ranch Syrah from the Santa Ynez Valley.  After the first sip, the second sip, the third sip, and every sip thereafter, I thought, "OMG, good wine is so good."  Because it is. 

It's like back in 2010, trying really good olive oil for the first time, and referring to it as being "alive."  That's what good food, good wine and this stuff tastes like, alive.  It's completely satisfying and pleasant and it makes me very, very happy, not only because it all tastes so good, but also because I know it. Not an admission of pride, but of great, deep fortune.