Friday, September 21, 2012

shuttle fever or bigfoot friday?

It's generally acknowledged, on a day in/day out basis, that The Cave is pretty much the highlight of the historic Hotel Glendale.  I'll concede the rare exception since today around noon it was the roof of the Hotel that was THE show in town.

Endeavour Fever gripped SoCal, and rightfully so. By noon you could look over any local town and see this  - crowds of people sprinkled along rooftops, hilltops, or any open space to catch a glimpse of this amazing sight. 
The shuttle was scheduled to fly over Griffith Park and JPL, two points on either side of Glendale, so chances were we'd get a pretty good view of things.

It did not disappoint, flying over and around Glendale about three times.  You couldn't take your eyes off this beautiful, amazing, graceful  thing.  

...except I was so eager to get up to the roof I dropped my brand new, super-duper, ultra zoom camera onto a very hard surface.  So now we have THE event of a lifetime,  a camera that was made for it, and I got...Bigfoot.

Fortunately, I got to run downstairs and grab my other camera. 
You can't really see it, but that white dot in the middle, nestled in the hills, is the Shuttle circling back from JPL.  It flew over us, and instead of more pictures I just ... watched.  It was fantastic.

So cheers to you, the roof of The Hotel Glendale.  Today you  (But it was a good one.)