Saturday, September 1, 2012

You can't go home again...

...but because I scored the best substitute troglodyte possible, I gave it my best shot.

For four+ years I've not taken a proper break or vacation - (minus a few short necessary excursions) - because I've not been comfortable leaving all that is The Cave to ... just anyone.  Anyone can sit in a cave, but a proper troglodyte requires a serious amount of trust and character. A Cave troglodyte must serve all that is Cave history while nurturing all that is Cave future.  Also, they must do this while working hours that  kill any social life in an environment that is dark and cold and solitary.  The perfect job!, you'd be thinking right about now if you were me.  Oddly enough not everyone agrees, go figure.

Until Madison was brought to my attention.  A graduate student, when she told me she was studying Kinesthesiology I knew immediately she was over-qualified for the job. And because I had such faith in her, (rightfully so, it turns out) I left her The Cave for the month of August and embarked on a l-o-n-g overdue Tour de Family.

The guy who said "War is hell" didn't have a family, and most certainly didn't have my family.

And though Madison crashed the computer - (she didn't actually, it was a gigantic, computer-crushing Windows download.) - the computer is all better now, all nice and clean and happy again, as is your resident troglodyte in Cave-Sweet-Cave.

As soon as I get caught up on a few things, there will be a couple of beer/wine posts from out there.

A troglodyte is a prehistoric cave dweller or other type of secluded and peculiar creature. If you get to know one you'll find they are actually quite endearing. 

(PS.  That description refers to Madison.)