Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2009 Les Domaines Paul Mas Coteaux du Languedoc Vinus

When I was in Topline buying the previous wine, one of the guys (Michael?) happened to be standing in front of the French stuff stocking shelves.  I told him it was my first French wine purchase.  He told me to get this one, not the one I was holding.  Because they were both affordable ($12), I got both to compare.  He told me this wine would be more "rustic." I like rustic, but don't know what that means with wine.

I'm still not sure what that means with wine, but when C. gave it a shot earlier today, he referred to it as "earthy."  The one review on Cellartracker referred to its voluptuousness, and that I agree with.  The previous wine was a bright, clean, easy wine while this stuff has a more voluptuous, seductive mouthfeel.  I still need to figure out what rustic and earthy are. 

PS. This guy has mad wine skills. (I like his style.)