Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Great Cave Plonk-a-thon.

Welcome to The Great Cave Plonk-a-thon.  Lots plonk, lots of pictures. Click on images to enlarge

Meet the plonk.  Some people disappear and leave things behind.  It was appraised by Wally's Wine. After the best of it goes to auction and the second best of it goes to important people, the rest is up for grabs.  Some is interesting and worth the try. 

A lot more is maybe left behind for a reason.  I figured if The Cave were going to have a Great Cave Plonk-a-thon, I should sample the goods.  I dipped into this box.

It's some kind of rose.

"Wine product?"  I don't want to know.
 So I got a couple more pork shanks - one last time for science - and dumped the bottle in there.  Minus a good swig.  It was actually not horrible.  Also: green onions, red peppers, rosemary, thyme, garlic, and S&P.

Like, a LOT of green onions.  350 degrees, covered, about three or four hours.

 Mighty tasty.

Look how clean that bone is.
 The broth...which tasted fantastic...

... you can strain it
and put it back on the heat to reduce it.  Add some butter, some mushrooms...yum.  Or save it for your next soup.

So with great confidence The Great Cave Plonk-a-thon is ON.  Come in, peruse, cook, repeat.

Other uses for old wine:
  • home made wine vinegar
  • throw it into the bathwater, it's good for your skin
  • clean your veggies.  It kills bacteria
  • throw it into a new compost to get things going faster.
  • red wine as dye, white wine to clean with.