Saturday, February 2, 2013

@ the Hotel Glendale

 I decided I needed a watch, a pocket watch actually, no reason why.  I went to the mall.  There are no pocket watches anymore except for the antique ones that cost $400 or more. 

So I went to our resident watch repair guy.  This is Just in Time.  It's Just to the Left of the Hotel's entrance on Glendale Avenue.  It's smaller than out smallest walk-in locker. 

Jack's an artist and he's managed to cram some (nice) paintings into his closet.  Most notable, look up at ceiling.  Awesome! 

I told him I was looking for: not at all ornate, clean, simple, classic, no yellow metal.  He said, "I can make you a watch for $25."  I was like, you're on. Dubiously.

This is the watch he made me.  IT'S PERFECT. As of this picture it's still working.

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