Thursday, February 28, 2013

wine, the app!

This is The Cave phone.  It's awesome.  I hear every phone call clearly and without static, and minus it cutting in and out. 
This is The Cave wine-emergency phone.  It's not so fantastic. I'm certain it came free with a 7-11 super big gulp.  On it I hear nothing at all and have no idea what other people are saying 90% of the time. Aside from the internet, this is about as advanced as The Cave gets. 

But I understand there are phones out there that are very smart.  And there are these things called "apps," as in, "there's an app for that."

Here's a headline:
"Google ties Apple with 700,000 Android apps"

I confess I don't know what an Android is, but this website does a pretty good job at naming the top fifty of all time.  (A Troglodyte in its Cave at its finest.)  

But there's this place and it's called earth and there are people all over it who know about this stuff, and some of these people store their wine here. Last week one of them came in with his iPhone and took inventory of his locker using an app called Cellar. So many apps are about being ridiculous it was nice seeing one that might actually be useful.  $5, all he had to do was take pictures of the wine label.  Here's a quick demo.  

I'm not sure this would be useful if you had a lot of wine, but there are apps out there for you, I'm sure.  I'm not an expert but these links seemed to cover it.
50 best apps for wine cellars. 
Wine cellar management 
the other Wine cellar management. 

Or maybe you're already using something that's better than these.  Feel free to let me know, I'll post it.  

PS.  The top fifty androids of all time is missing the best of them all.