Thursday, April 25, 2013

2007 Hubert Weber "Vineyard Selection" Malbec Mendoza.

Max gives me wine, I never get the wine, I send him condolence cards for the wine he's wasted on this pathetic troglodyte. I 'm afraid to drink Max's wine.

Then he gave me this, his pet project, 2007 Hubert Weber Malbec.  I opened it this past weekend.  

This wine: was a revelation.  This wine was an intelligent mystery of hushed tones lingering in dark corners.  Many amazing wines I've been privileged to experience, they were self-contained stories that I didn't necessarily need to pursue.  This is the first bottle of wine that, when done, I thought "I need to do that again."   Entirely satisfying and complete while still full of secrets only hinted at.  I need to know those secrets.

This is Freddy.  He works here.  I adore him, look at the pose, how could you not?

On day three of the wine (and also on my day off)  we all ended up in The Cave to fix some crumbling floor.  I figure stretching the wine into a third day was flirting with danger, so while working on the floor Freddy and I killed the bottle, passing it back and forth, taking swigs.  It was fantastic.

Here's a quote from Eric Asimov's book, How to Love Wine, which I just finished.  Good book for confused, freighted, overwhelmed newbies, it'll talk you down off the edge. The quote is from wine importer (no longer on earth) Joe Dressner.