Friday, May 17, 2013

my pathetic life as a troglodyte.

I'm certain there must be many troglodytes in the world.  I wouldn't know - nor would they - we are all in caves. 

I enjoy my particular cave, The Cave.  It's quiet, it's dark, and that about covers it. Sometimes people come in.  I let them.  There are about 200 of them, maybe a little more, I've never counted.  They are malleable.  They evolve and devolve, expand and contract. 

The Cave is finite. 

But people who come into The Cave are overwhelmingly good and generous and I want them to stay here.  That is my test as a troglodyte.  I need to figure out how my finite Cave can expand and contract to the whims of the people.  Sometimes I get it right, and it makes me very happy.

This is a 12-case locker.  Yesterday the guy in it came in to move out.  He had only a few cases in it, it was up for renewal, he was thinking maybe it was time to go. 

So he could keep his wine stored here we ultimately moved him into The Manager's Locker, the experimental and so far successful communal locker that rents by the shelf so even a few cases of wine can be properly cared for.  I am the only one with a key.  I very uncomfortably stand over your shoulder watching your every move to be sure you keep your mitts to your own shelf.  At $66/shelf/year, it's a bargain. And because it exists someone who came here to leave instead left here staying.

Today, a new guy came in and moved into the 12-case.  He came in because someone already here recommended he do so.  In 24-hours, there are now two people here instead of one less.  And I am satisfied.