Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cave Wine Round-up.

the winebots of spring.

I'm not sure when it happened but The Cave is much busier these days as is its resident troglodyte. It's like I almost have a real job. I hope it stops soon.

I've only fallen behind in writing about - not consuming - wine.  All of today's entries are Gifts O' the Cave-lets,  contributions to the cause, continued testament to the great generosity that is The Cave. Onward!

2010 Gunfighter Eberle Zinfandel
2008 Gunfighter Cab,
3Finger Wine Company.  From Wikipedia, "In the measurement of distilled spirits, two fingers of whiskey refers to the amount of whiskey that would fill a glass to the level of two fingers wrapped around the glass at the bottom."  Both these wines hovering around 15% alcohol, are they saying three fingers of their wine is like two fingers of whiskey?  These are big, BIG wines without a hint of subtlety.  They are well-made though slightly unbalanced (boozy).  Not unpleasant, they merely are what they are.

2005 Domaine Daniel Chauveau Chinon.  Rustic and right and good, I like it.
"Originally created by Daniel Chauveau (the brother of Gérard of neighbouring Domaine de Beauséjour) and subsequently run by his son, Christophe and his English wife, Jemma. The domaine was recently sold to an American, Ken Soni, who has elected to maintain the name of the domaine. Historically, the wines produced here included a Vieilles Vignes from eleven hectares of 50 year old vines on the south facing slope opposite the property which was fermented in tank before passing for a short period in barriques and foudres."

2000 Moschioni Colli Orientali del Friuli Tazzelenghe Reâl.  I drank it a while ago but I really liked it and it was really good.  Like, really.  (Sorry.)  From the same guy who's previously given me wine from this same region - the upper right hand corner of Italy abutting the borders of Austria or Slovenia.  It is a region that seems to agree with me while other Italian wines remain my sworn enemy.

1998 Fetzer Valley Oaks Cab. It was recently opined that before 2000 (Before Robert Parker, or BRP), California made good Cabs.  The opinion was that Mr. Parker's palate for bigger wines influenced the way California Cabs became made.  Fetzer was purchased in 2011 by Concha y Toro, but according to Fetzer's website the wine is organic, biodynamic, and sustainable.

This is a wine that needed to be opened.  The first night it still had good fruit but seemed thin.  The second night, though, it was very satisfying, secondary notes were showing, it was generally more interesting.

How fortunate I remain to have such a diverse and generous wine experience.  Thank you, good people of earth, many of whom store wine here.