Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thank You, Glendale Water and Power.

This is The Cave.  To the right are the exhaust fans for the AC.  If it's 85 degrees out and these things aren't making a sound, Houston, we have a problem.  I ride my bike past them on my way out in the mornings and on my way back in just to listen.  Today, silence.

This is the official National Geographic map of The Cave and it's proximity to Trader Joe's. Actual size. After we walked around the building today trying to figure out what would put the power out on ONLY the elevator and The Cave's AC, something that's never happened before, someone decided it would be easier to just go to Chipotle instead.  Chipotle is on the other side of Trader Joe's. 

Good decision, it turned out.  The alley was packed with Glendale Water and Power working on a blown transformer.  They said it was one that would only take out large motors, hence the mystery coincidence of the elevator and The Cave. 

This is actually THE moment they got the power running again.  I think the system was down for just over an hour. Wow, these guys are good!  The Cave lost not a single degree, Thank You Glendale Water and Power!

This really cool yellow plane flew over on my way to TJ's.