Thursday, September 5, 2013

A quick update on local wine swindlers.

     Local Wine Swindler Number One, George Osumi.

The Crime.  Mr. Osumi, of Legend Cellars in Irvine,  took from his clients lockers almost $3-Million Bucks of Wine and replaced the stolen bottles with $2-Bucks of Chuck.  He then auctioned off the stolen wine. His reasoning was they had so much wine they'd never notice.  They did.

The Verdict. 8/31/13:  six years in state prison.

     Local Swindler Number Two, Rudy Kurniawan.

The Crime.  Mr. Kurniawan, wine counterfeiter extraordinaire.

The Charges

The Verdict.  Set your calendars, his trial begins Monday, 9/9/13, in Manhattan.