Friday, October 25, 2013

Cave SWAG.

The Cave gets mail swag.  Companies send one item for our perusal, sometimes accompanied by a folksy letter, with the hopes we may order many, many more to generously distribute to our adored customers. 

 It started with this from  Not only does it have our business info printed on it, but on the other side is a screenshot from the website.  Someone did their homework!  I'm not sure we need a thousand pens, but this one is currently doing duty as the Official Pen of The Official Cave Official Sign-In Book.

Then came this tiny flashlight, replete with Cave info and working batteries.  Perfect! What Cave doesn't need a flashlight?  Remember that time when we were super busy, much going into an coming out of rooms by many people including myself, and no one knew that guy was way in the back, and we turned the lights off and then there was more noise and then everyone left and five minutes after that the guy came walking out from that cold, dark room?  Yes, it took him that long to feel his way along the walls.  After getting over his scaring the crap out of me I was like, why didn't you yell or something?  He said he did but in the commotion no one heard him. Poor guy!  Could have used this flashlight! This one is on my key chain.  A larger one hangs on the wall outside his locker.

Recently, this calendar arrived.  The word is getting out: The Cave isn't placing any swag orders, let's send them more stuff.  This beautiful 2014 Highway Hauling calendar comes to us from  It seems we could have scored the 2014 Muscle Car USA calendar, but I see their point,  Highway Hauling is definitely more Wine Storage-y than Muscle Cars: someone has to deliver the wine, right? A little appreciation for the truckers, please!

Inside are the usual holidays, but you also get road culture nuggets, like January 10, 2014: the 38th anniversary of the song "Convoy."

March.  Twins!

If you would like to take the 2014 Highway Hauling calendar home with you, you are welcome to it, "Compliments of Cave Wine Storage Lockers."