Friday, November 1, 2013

Beer and Beer. Part 2: Beer. Ramirez Liquor.

Izuki came in today with her husband Larry and The Iwate Kura Oyster Stout has left the building!  Did I mention the privilege of being able to seize rare opportunities on behalf of others?  It stands.

(as usual, click on images to enlarge.)

After this errand The Niece and I seized our environs and made a few other stops in the Arts District. We checked out Urth Caffe on Hewitt (but didn't stop), split an overpriced grilled-cheese sandwich at Urban Radish on Imperial - I'm pretty sure - lots of grill, maybe there was cheese.  Bypassed the already experienced Stumptown, on Santa Fe, which I like, for Handsome Coffee on Mateo, which I was not too wild about.  The Niece's Latte was good, my coffee fell down the sewer.  I'm so clumsy!  And now, to sound like an old troglodyte officially, the two beverages, sized smalls, were $9.  Mine was just a coffee, how much was that latte?  YIKES!

I remembered Izzy telling me about this place, Ramirez  Liquor. Something about lots of beer.  We were just across the bridge from Boyle Heights so this was our next stop. 

Okay, first, the way it was described to me, I was anticipating a much larger store than what we were pulling up to. Great self doubt ensued: was this even the place?  Then it suddenly didn't matter, because this was across the street, making the trip was already worth it.

I confess, I'm not sure the marketing strategy here, or the the relationship between a big soda, a big hamburger, a big fries, a little elephant, and a little giraffe...OMG, I'm so slow! DUH- the food is THAT BIG! There's no portion control whatsoever!  And - I didn't look but am certain - all at one low price.  Love it.

Back to beer. 

Looks dinky, right? 

 But look at how very lush!  This place was packed to it with an astounding, staggering selection of beer, more beer options than I've ever seen gathered under one roof, and really interesting, eclectic stuff. It was magical, otherworldly, and a bit overwhelming. It was like being at Disneyland and Mr. Wonka's Chocolate Factory during Christmas.  I was giddy with love. 

I got stickers!

Also beer.  The Niece opted for me Meantime Coffee Porter from London, probably to make up for the earlier coffee bummer, and for herself Fuller's London Pride Ale. (She lived in London a bit, if you're noticing a trend.)  They were together less than $9. 

And, like a couple of cheese heads, we listened to Lou Reed all day, later agreeing it was indeed a Perfect Day.