Thursday, December 26, 2013


Holidays are great, and the most recent one was no exception.

2002 Kellerei-Cantina Tramin Alto Adige - Südtirol, a most generous donation to the cause, this stuff was delectable.  Were it of that vein, you would lick your fingers after eating. It was a perfect pairing, the weekend before Christmas allowed for eight samples-a-sipping, and all were warmed by it. 


What a beautiful evening, this night...

...replete with an '03 Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (via Vick) and Freddy's tamales. It's not even Christmas and look how fortunate I am!

The Decadence of the Season: 

1. coarse chop all the apples.  

2. into a pot add olive oil, red pepper flakes, curry, butter and a bit of salt.

3. add the apples and a little water to steam...

4. ...and cover until soft. Take the lid off, let cook off any excess water, and finish with more butter!

5. eat warm with freshly whipped cream.  Delicious!

One more week and we all get to hibernate for the winter.  I can't wait!