Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ode to Public Storage lock.

Here lies the carcass of a Public Storage lock, may you Rest in Peace.  You were very well made.  You broke two of my drill bits.  I had to call in the cavalry to conquer you.  (The cavalry's name is Freddie.)  We almost burned the place down.  The sparks were super pretty, but was it worth a house of burning wine? Shouldn't the wine of the one have been sacrificed to save the wine of the many?  It had to be done.  We were fortunate.  There was no collateral damage.

About twice a year I drag out the bolt cutters because the owner loses a key.  It takes about five minutes if you have no muscles. The bolt cutters are powerless over the Public Storage disc lock, there is no available space to even try.  Good thing, it would have made a certain fool of me.

If you don't want your stuff stolen, you bike, your house ... or your wine .... this is the lock for you.  Might I gently suggest you do so only if you've never lost anything.  Ever.  Cheers.