Friday, January 17, 2014

Earthquake versus Wine.

Twenty years ago I packed up a van and drove out here knowing no one and having no job lined up and then I was living in a free condo by myself for a few months.  In Laguna Beach. Score! Out here less than a month,  I woke up in the dark one morning, layed there about thirty seconds, and then it hit.  It was magnificant, even in Laguna, and I thought, Wow, someone's getting it bad right now.  Then I rolled over and went back to sleep.

In 2009, I posted about The Cave and earthquakes gone by.  The link I'd finally found for the news article about how wine fared here in an earlier earthquake is no longer available, but from what I understand, The Cave lost only one bottle.  There are eight guys here who take up about eighty 24-case lockers, versus a walk-in, and who also store their wine snug as a bug in a box specifically to minimize any possible damages, mostly by way of earthquake.  But is you opt to store you wine other ways, here are a couple of compelling videos.

This first one features Local Earthquake Maven Susan Jekarl, and it is from her Totally Unprepared website.  (It wouldn't hurt to peruse the website for more earthquake tips.)  The second video is in interesting idea that one could probably very easily DIY.

Reminder: if I'm sitting down here when the big one hits and it's day three and air is running out, I'm breaking into lockers.  I know which ones.