Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I saw this on The Tweety today and learned a new word: Frankenpastry

I'm blaming all this on McDonald's McGriddle, but the cronut and the duffin are probably only part of a forever trend just hitting its stride. 

Where will it end?

This article was also on The Tweety, Angel City Brewery's (DTLA) new Mexican Cola beer. The article also references something called a "diesel," a mix of Coke and Pilsner beer. 

Which got me to thinking about our Kalimotxo tasting, a Basque fave with equal parts wine + cola or 7-Up. Recently, Wine for the Win was partying in Buenos Aires and posted about their predilection for Champagne and Red Bull.

Wine for the Win also posted this one about Red Robin's newest menu item, the 'Mango Moscato Wine Shake.'  It's made with vanilla soft serve, moscato-flavored vodka, and moscato wine.  While that sounds questionable, the Guinness ice cream float sounds fantastic.

Prisoners already have the Pruno market cornered, where we seem to be heading,  Act Now!, early investments are wise investments. Until then, The Scuffin.