Friday, September 5, 2014

Wine versus Wine.

(This started out as part of another post, but the other post is evolving into another idea, so now this is  a mere non-sequitur.   Apparently I think it's too genius to merely delete.)

This is an ad for Barefoot Refresh, one wine in the Ernest and Julio Gallo line up.  E and J Gallo is the number one selling wine brand in the country.  The Barefoot Refresh slogan, "Say hello to wine on the rocks," is maybe ironic? I doubt it.

It's certainly not this stuff, which many consider the world's best wine. (Small aside, more of curiosity  than proof of quality: in 2013, 3 bottles of the 1990 vintage were sold for $72,000.)

In testament to the limits of language, or maybe a mere misunderstanding of terms, (only in the most  Wittgensteinian ways), both these products are  acceptable definitions of the word, "wine."

Just like both these paintings are called, "art."


Liking bad wine and bad art doesn't make it good wine and good art, it means you like bad wine and bad art. For instance, I like this.   And most of what George W. paints.  But I'm not delusional about it.

Is all. Glad we had this chat.