Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy International Stout Day.

Happy International Stout Day.  And to prove the existence of gods or intelligent design, it is also National Nachos Day.  Dinner tonight is going to be AMAZING. 

I declare Old Rasputin Imperial Stout not only my favorite stout these days, but my favorite beer. 

When I first moved into The Cave and saw my bedroom, I was like, wow, this is cool, but can you scrape a few of those cherubs off the ceiling and maybe tuck in the edges of that blue tapestry on the ceiling to give it a cleaner look?  Okay, thanks. 

That's kind of how Old Rasputin tastes, decadent but restrained, a tasteful baroque by a feng shui designer.

This weekend I saw this at Whole Foods, Echigo Stout from Japan.  In 1944, Echigo became the first craft brewery in Japan. It's imported by Mutual Trading Company, the same people from whom I sourced the Iwate Kura Oyster Stout about this time last year.   I didn't know any of this when I opted it.  

Where Old Rasputin exudes sweet chocolate and floral notes, the Echigo Stout is restrained and buttoned up, a sturdy, old school stout. 

Like our living room.

(Stout 101)

Celebrate International Stout day wisely: