Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mission Wine and Spirits, redux.

Trader Joe's, those rats, (for leaving us for a bigger and farther location) opened their first store in Pasadena.  Now look at them!   Porto's Bakery and Cafe started in Echo Park, moved to Glendale, and has a store in Downey and Burbank.  Bob's Big Boy and Baskin-Robbins got their starts in Glendale.

You may also recall Glendale was home to one of the great-named businesses of all time, Hammered Liquor Store.  When they closed, Mission Wine and Spirits did a quick move-in while working out all the red tape Glendale has to offer.  They closed in May for remodeling.


Occasionally I'd stop in at their Glenoaks store to see when they were EVER going to reopen this location. Inside stories about The City of Glendale are always entertaining!  Today I was in there again and they said, "It's open." 

I said, "What am I doing here?  See ya."

Look!  Now open on Glendale @ Maple. 

An entire WALL of beer.  As of two hours ago that stuff on the right is on my bucket list.

Their separate wine room and still-in-progress wine tasting station.

Gary wasn't there, the store comes with a Gary.   Nice bit of fortune, he was driving in as I was riding out.
"Is it everything you hoped for?"

He was so happy.  He said, the beer isn't even close to what it will be, and of course the wine room is still in progress.  Yes, it will be everything he hoped for.

Nice guys, welcome (back) to the neighborhood.