Sunday, March 8, 2015

What's new at The Cave?

Nothing.  OH WAIT.

This week, The Deanster tipped me off to the fact that The Cave, this very The Cave, got a lovely nod by way of the current issue of  Los Angeles Magazine.  WHA? Our humble bit of dank and darkness ? 

Because I don't have an on-line account with them, I went out and bought a copy.  Because The Cave follows them on twitter, the day I bought a hard-copy they posted the column on line.

Indeed, Mr. Stein was WAY generous to mention us specifically, because he could very well have written it as a "wine storage place in Los Angeles" without compromising his point.  But he specified us, and that's because we're that noteworthy.  Which we are. 

Thank you, Mr. Stein.