Sunday, May 17, 2015

Glendale Historical Things

It's May, AKA, Historic Preservation Month.

To showcase Glendale's historical bits, the Central Library over there on Harvard set up its showcases to, um, showcase the historic buildings and other structures of Glendale.  There are maps of historic districts and pictures of notable houses within those districts.

The old Hotel Glendale, home of The Cave Wine Storage,  is    right    there.

R i i i i g h t    t h e r e. 

Doh! There it is, snugly tucked behind the art deco storage unit on Central - cool building - but still in front of the Masonic Temple, recently purchased and being renovated by Caruso Affiliates.  So, THERE!

Look! There's Grand Central Air Terminal, currently being renovated by Disney.  Tropico Station: THE Glendale Blog supplies the details.

The bridges of Glendale are mostly mid '30's. Here's more details via

The Le Mesnager Barn, home of wine maker Georges La Mesnager. The Stone Barn Vineyard Conservancy maintains vineyards and makes wine with grapes grown there, if your feeling both historical and thirsty.

There's Glendale's famous train station, most notably featured in the movie Double Indemnity.

Here's one from the 1951 movie, The Company She Keeps.

You can read about more TV shows and films that used Glendale's train station as a backdrop here, at I Am Not A Stalker (a movie locations blog).

To be considered historic, the property must have age (generally at least 50 years old)  integrity, and significance.  I applied, but I only have one of those.  Fortunately I get to sit in a place that has it all. Cheers.