Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy Los Angeles Beer Week.

It's Los Angeles Beer Week!   Mmmm, beer.

To celebrate, my second attempt at cold brewing coffee with a pint of Guinness.  My previous and first effort, I dumped enough coffee in the french press to keep a small village alert for a week.  Ultimately I rationed the sludge for about that long.  This time, I ratio'd one Guinness to one dose of coffee.  (2 TBSPS.) I could drink it over the course of one afternoon, but I do declare I preferred the insanely stronger coffee flavor, so I'm not sure what the next move is on this one.

I think Glendale is pretty close to Los Angeles.  Here are some way more exciting options for getting your beer on.

The Moose Den. Across the street from The Americana on Brand, down the stairs from The Famous, Moose den is an old school beer hall replete with dart boards.  They have weekly events like a "locals only" night - $1 off any local beer, bingo night, and a darts league.

Tonight for LA Beer week, they are hosting a tap takeover by Three Weavers Brewery, plus bingo PLUS fried chicken and waffles.  WOW!

The Glendale Tap, on San Fernando @ Magnolia, occasional host of a Glendale's Finest DUI trap, is fervently celebrating LA Beer Week.  Here's a capture of their FB page.  I'm posting it because I have no comprehension of it.  It's Barbecued Beer? You drink it with a BBQ?  All those blue words under the me.  So good luck, kids.

As always, please Beer Week responsibly.