Saturday, September 12, 2015

Suffer the endless summer.

Why, just last weekend,  I posted about taking advantage of a lull in the otherwise dry hot furnace that is Southern California by opening a young but lovely Kermit Lynch red blend.  RED: living dangerously! After a nice weekend I opened up Wednesday afternoon, (AKA,Monday morning), to an unusually lively bit of bustle!  It was Wednesday, it was afternoon, it was 105 degrees outside, and one of the first things declared was, "I can't take it anymore, I need red wine!"  Awesome.

Right, because while wine is seasonal, California is not. Everything but the thermometer is pointing towards Autumn:  circadian calendars, the actual calendar, the butternut squash at the farmer's market...and The New York Times.

Still, Wednesday was a good bit of fun.  I learned about Winston Churchill's dedicated love of alcohol.  He supposedly drank 42,000 bottles of Pol Roger champagne in his life time. "Churchill also drank six or seven whiskey and sodas a day, as well as three daily brandies."

I counter-offered with Andre the Giant's feat of 119 beers in six hours.

We also covered Jade Helm 15, birth wines, hoarding, 1966 Chateau Figeac, and Dollar Tree.  All this in hour one. 

And died.  For the rest of the week.  Like every one managed to rally a minimally necessary energy to hoard their way to the first snow...or something less than 95 degrees...and then burrowed deep under ground to wait.  Because it's much cooler deep under ground, every one knows it. 

Better still: