Sunday, October 4, 2015

Wine Sunday

I wrote about Jacques only once, in 2011:

"Wednesday, Jacques came in to move his wine. He didn't like his locker. Half an hour later he decided he liked his locker after all and didn't move his wine. Then he handed this to me. I was like, 'Jacques, all I did was stand here and watch you not move your locker, it's not like I did anything.'"

Jacques gave me a bottle of wine every visit.  Easy on the swank, his habit was to pick up a case of something from Costco, $10 - $20 range Californians.  Still, it made me crazy.  I don't want people giving me wine, or I don't want people thinking they HAVE TO give me wine.  No one has to give me anything, I'll still take really good care of your wine.  

Or he'd come to stock up for the latest camping trip.  Once he came in after having come from Super King.  He had with him a bag of almonds in their shells.  He kept making me take almonds. We sat and shelled and chatted and ate almonds for about half an hour. We talked about where he goes camping, and other places he vacations. He traveled well.

It's a perfect wine weekend.  I was lying in bed 3:30 this morning listening to the rain, and later had breakfast with a beautiful gray sky.  Friday, for the weekend, I opened this, a 2006 BV Cab.  It is from Jacques locker.  His sister and a friend insisted I take it, over a misery of protests.

Thank you, Jacques.  The pleasure remains mine. Cheers.