Saturday, February 20, 2016

When you know these are the days.

Jay takes care of us all. 

Jay works for the AC company that has serviced The Cave for a very long time.  I call, they answer.  They answer very early in the day.  Yesterday Jay got here at 6:30 am.  He left around 1:30, giving me just enough time to take a shower so I could be back here until after 7 pm.  Many, many hours at The Cave, I hope I like it here.

Oh, right, I do.  After all these years, still.  The key is to remember what "here" is, and then to pay homage to that sometimes.  Some people's "here," sadly, is a drab office that was once a drabber office.  Mine is a Cave that was once maybe a speakeasy during Prohibition.  Good gig!

Before Jay left yesterday, this was on my desk.  Maybe there is an occasional trade amongst us, my memory is faulty. 

 For today I'd coordinated two guys to come in, one who seemed to need a smaller locker and one who definitely needed a larger locker.  Today was The Great Locker Swap.  Then, to add to the fun, R. came in.  A keen and seasoned troglodyte, this was instantly recognized as That Cave Moment, and then this happened, I think, I don't remember.  I'm sure if I tried it I'd have thought it seriously and unusually delicious.  Big grapefruit stuff, acidic and bright, like a sour but actually drinkable.  (Sorry, sour lovers, and that's everyone but me.)

While this was or was not happening, I did a bit of poking around on the stuff and it turns out to be an absolutely appropriate homage to the rumor that is us (hopheads aside).

 A lovely and lively afternoon here at The Cave.  These are the good days, and everyone left with a better resolution to their evolving habits.

 Homage is swell stuff.