Friday, September 25, 2009

Cave Renovation, Part1.

The first phase, the basic remodel of The Cave, is officially complete. True, we still have no lights. Or furniture. The alarm box needs to be camouflaged, that's definitely a winter project. Okay, fine, it continues to be a work in progress. The next step, though, is to get into the rooms and give those lockers a little love.

In the meantime feel free to wander in and catch up on the story of The Hotel Glendale where The Cave is located. You can read all about it in our entryway. The ads in the newspaper from opening day are fun, as is the picture of the train going down the street in front of the building. (What was the train depot is now Whole Foods.)

You can see all the before and afters on Flickr, but here's one view that's changed (minus the aforementioned lighting and alarm box.):