Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wine + Food = Angst

Though on self-imposed alcohol hiatus for a time while waiting for my waistline to re-discover itself, wine and my education on the subject continues. You may notice the blogs I've listed on the side-bar there, blogs I've stumbled on over time and that have helped me find my way through this seemingly extensive subject matter. It's Nick over there at Bordeaux Undiscovered who really started to make sense to me. He offers his subject matter as story, so a complete novice like myself could read one post and walk away having learned a complete idea. Once that took root all the other stuff now had context; before it was just a cluster-ball-of-knotted-yarn.

I kept returning to one notion, though, and that is - with the way I like food and the way I live life, why have I not taken to wine? It seemed to go against type until I recently realized it was exactly because it's such an extensive cluster-ball of knotted yarn, and that is the aspect of it that really goes against type. I'm into simple, basic, clean, accessible, unfettered, and everything I read about wine is just the opposite, like you have to be a rocket scientist to drink the stuff properly. It was like every wine had its own esoteric nuance depending on a million local variables and there is a perfect food for it but only for this particular year not's just crazy. And I only have one glass. It's for water.

Actually it's not crazy, it's completely interesting and I'm sorry to have realized this at this late stage of the game, but what limited brain space I have left is already committed to other obsessions.

So does this mean I can't drink wine, I'm not qualified, a troglodyte to the end? Once all this occurred to me, I said screw it and started enjoying a glass of wine or two with dinner. Did it match? Was I doing it justice? Honestly, I didn't care, and that's when I really, finally, got into the whole wine thing. I figured, wine has been around for a while with a lot of people just drinking it. Isn't that good enough, sometimes?

Then I stumbled onto this one today, from The Pour (from NY Times, also on the blogs list) and from my newly hatched-albeit-temporarily-dry horizon it was much appreciated.