Thursday, March 18, 2010

Carlitos Gardel: LA Times Restaurant Review.

Here is a brief history of Tango, the third paragraph (Origin of Dance) really quite interesting - to a certain troglodyte who, for better or worse, hasn't perused a single episode of Dancing with the Stars.
Carlos Gardel, looking very much the silent screen Casanova, was a prominent figure in modern Tango in Argentina, immortalized by his revolutionary contribution to the form. He was killed in his mid-forties in an airplane crash.

Of course you can read all about this while listening to Gardel on the Carlitos Gardel Restaurant website. The restaurant is located on Melrose just west of Fairfax, and owned/run by the Bozoghlian Family. If you hover your mouse over the right column there, you can read all about this family's history as well.

Max texted me earlier that the LA Times reviewed the family business, and then came in a bit later to pick up some wine to bring to the restaurant. He brought his own empty box with him. It's warm out today, and when he disappeared into the cellar with his empty box only to re-emerge a moment later without it or any wine, he answered my quizzical look with, "The box is warm. I'm letting it get cold first." Now that's a guy who cares about wine.

Here's a lovely review in today's LA Times; it well captures the warm spirit of a good family.