Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dinner, part 4. (the variations)

The wine we opened for dinner was a 2004 Cornell Alto Adige Chardonnay. There is a previous review of this from last summer, and it is still a very nice wine.

Onward to the variations. Here's all the other stuff on the table:

  • anchovies, very nice with the beans and olive oil.
  • warm hard-boiled eggs with olive oil, red pepper, and thyme, and a little s&p.
  • roasted jalapenos, very good mashed into the crostini on top of the garlic and under the beans.
  • more fennel cured olives, because I love these things.
  • radishes, very good and pretty, not a big hit with this crowd, though.
  • meyers lemon.
  • fresh mint, which Blogger keeps turning sideways so it's fresh mint turned sideways.