Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Cave is back.

Of course, the only files they weren't able to recover were the ones we really needed. I'd backed things up in February so we didn't lose too much, and like any good bionic Cave, we can rebuild it. We can make it better.

Some catching up to do, here's two stories for the offering.

This was a sight to see, well, I can tell you exactly when: the day before the first game for the NBA Finals. That's basketball, I'm pretty sure. There's a team in it from Los Angeles, I think. (Just kidding. In a few hours, though, LA may be on fire if the Lakers win, so duck and cover. What a proud moment. )
At any rate, the gentleman was taking his father, who is unwell, to the first game of the series and stopped in to get some wine for the occasion. He was good enough to show me this one, to break the seal of tissue paper just for me to see. What I didn't get in the photo was the added touch of straw tied around the neck of the bottle, but a beautifully clean label nonetheless. Robert Parker gave it 100 points. Here's the link to Scarecrow Wine. If you click on to the "Our Story" tab you'll get the history from several arenas of story, very California.

Speaking of history....At the corner of the Hotel where Broadway meets Glendale, what was once the original entrance to the Hotel is now the Cafe Broadway. The first photo is from a 1925 ad for the opening of the Hotel. The second is a postcard from the same era. The date isn't on it but it required a 2-cent stamp. After seven clicks I still can't find the current price of postcard stamps which is probably why the USPS is about to go bankrupt.

Earlier today, the daughter (I think) of the owners of the Cafe Broadway came into the Cave with a friend (I think) to look at all the pictures we have up on the walls of Hotel-Past. These are kids, mind you, the ones who seem absorbed by only video games and texting, but two of them stood in the entry way of The Cave today looking for a long time at all the pictures and articles mounted to the walls. At one point I heard one tell the other, "This is where my mom works, this is our Cafe." I'm exactly old enough to be a little bit verklempt by that.