Saturday, June 19, 2010

The story of the day...possibly my career

It's dead at The Cave. Summer is settling in, shipping season over, the natives otherwise occupied, and even on weekends it's crickets around here. The blog may soon become very creative. Or insane. One in the same, to some.

However this one may be the highlight of, not merely of the day. At least of the year, quite possibly of my entire tenure here. This gentleman came in today. It was good to see him, it's been awhile. We were walking some stuff out to his car and he showed me this one (click on image to enlarge). Good friends were in town, he said.
Very good friends, I'm thinking, or very lucky friends, and minimally hopefully very grateful friends.

The label, he went on to say, got stained by wine when his ex-wife shot the wine collection.
"Shot the wine collection?" Was I hearing this right?
With a hunting rifle, he explained to me. A deer hunting rifle, he clarified. She was angry.
I was laughing too hard to ask more questions.
"Fortunately she got the Burgundies and not the Bordeaux'."
"Fortunately she got the wine and not you," I said.
"That's what my current wife says, the wine was expendable, but I am not."
"I don't know," I reconsidered, "could depend on the bottle."