Saturday, August 21, 2010

Behind the Green Door.

For reasons known to no one in particular, I decided the entrance to the Cave could use a bit of a do-over. There is a photo here of Vern standing in front of The Cave, Farmer Vern, as the overalls might indicate, with his beloved pipe. The door then was the same as the two doors inside the Cave still are, a lightly stained, very heavy, solid pine. It looks, in the photo, to have been a bit weather-beaten so maybe that's why they ended up painting it. Green.

Not to confess my references too broadly, but in my head The Cave may have once or twice been referred to that which was 'behind the green door.'

Ahem. Moving right along, truth told, I figured taking on the green door
would be a good excuse to hang out outside. The lazy days of summer, blue skies, quiet afternoons, nothing like a few hours of cranny-scraping to get you wandering off into all of life's teeny-tiny little why is the sky blue? Why is this door green? I know the answer to one of those questions: Rayleigh scattering.