Friday, August 27, 2010

The End of Beer, book one.

I was talking to a New Yorker today, we were talking about how much more reading we did when there were subways involved. She said she read the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy on the subway. I killed a few hearty volumes of Dostoyevsky on daily commutes. It was that or make eye contact with pretty much anyone. I prefer my Idiots thematically presented.

The unfolding story of Beer here at The Cave, in small bursts and chapters, has been equally robust and now I am calling it finished. Well, at least Book One. The third (and final) installment of The Cave beer-nerds talking about, of course, beer on The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis and Adam Leemon aired. The link to all three programs is on the side bar there just under "Other Cave-y Things."

I've appreciated the whole beer influence that has come to The Cave. There is an accessibility to beer, an absence of intimidation that I just can't seem to get past with wine. With that, though, is also a comment Richard (one of the gentlemen on the program) made when he moved in: a wine drinker, he got involved with the whole beer thing later in the game, and says it has better developed his ability to pick up the nuances in wine, has developed his palate better for wine.

I appreciate this because I think it has done the same for me. I'm less stressed about wine after trying a few beers. They're more obvious? Their nuances more accessible? Less nuanced? However you want to put it, thanks to the amazing generosity of Rick who's cellared beer here before any of them, to Richard and to Izzy, I've been privy to some amazing, crazy taste experiences. That KBS is pure crack, instant addiction, I've never tasted anything like it. Huge chocolate, soft bourbon underneath, this stuff was unbelievable. The 2008 Stone Imperial Stout, a viscosity like heavy cream, you almost can't fathom it! They also place well on Beer Advocate's Top Beers on Planet Earth list.

I'm drinking wine again, and I'll catch up on that next week or so. In the meantime, Izzy was good enough to bring in one of his FORTY gnomes to keep an eye on the proceedings. Gnomes, its literal greek translation being "earth dweller," are small, humanoid creatures that live underground. While there's room in this Cave for only one Troglodyte, I suppose I can share, just so long as that thing stays on its side of The Cave, sigh.